• Flow Meter

    Flow Meter

    ∗ 4- soft piston reduce the internal leakage and make sure the high accuracy

    ∗ OIMLR117, OIMLR118 standard.

    ∗ Advanced European and American technology

  • Gear Pump

    Gear Pump

    ∗ Advanced gear type design effectively improves the reliability and efficiency of the pump unit.

    ∗ Unique process workmanship makes sure the consistency and reliability of gears performance

  • Main Board

    Main Board

    The main board is mainly composed of a central processing unit (CPU), a memory, an input/output (I/O) interface circuit, and a logic drive circuit etc., connected to peripheral equipment via the interface circuit. 

  • Solenoid Valve

    Solenoid Valve

    The function of the solenoid valve is to enhance the accuracy of quantified fueling of the fuel dispenser. The solenoid valve shall be safe and reliable.

  • Motor


    Convert electrical into mechanical energy,it is the power device of the fuel dispenser.

  • Breakaway


    It is installed on fuel dispensing hoses, they will separate at the designed pull force, reducing expensive damage to the dispenser and piping system. Internal dual valves close automatically during separation, stopping the flow of fuel from both the dispenser and the separated hose, reducing environmental and health risks of potential spilled fuel.

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