• Electromagnetic Counter

    Electromagnetic Counter

    Electromagnetic Counter of liter totalizer  (7-digit) Working principle and introduction: 7-digit Electromagnetic Counter is used to record the accumulative times of electrical signals, for counting of various electrical pulses, together with other meters it can form a digital display instrument.
  • Sensor


    It is used for the computerized fuel dispenser to control speedily and efficiently the high/low oil flow, as well as accurate metering.

  • Control Board

    Control Board

    The control board of sanki fuel dispenser is used to control the turning on and turning off of the motor and solenoid valve.
  • Refueling Hose

    Refueling Hose

    The refueling hose is UL standard with material of acrylonitrile butadiene rubber - Sanki Fuel Dispenser Spare Parts.

  • Swivel


     Swivel  is used for connecting the nozzle and the hose,360 degree swivel action;

  • Junction Box

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