Tank Gauge System

  • ATG Solution

    ATG Solution


    Our ATGs include SP series magnetostrictive probe and SS series console or SM controller. The probe adopts the latest magnetostrictive technology, which can accurately measure the product level, water level and temperature in tank.

  • SS160 Plus Smart Console

    SS160 Plus Smart Console

    ∗SS160 Plus Smart Console - Tank Gauge System,Colorful Graphics touch screen 

    ∗ Many languages for optional, English, Chinese, Russia etc 

    ∗ Real-time monitoring product level, temperature and water level.

  • SP300 Magnetostrictive Probe

    SP300 Magnetostrictive Probe

    ∗ Latest magnetostrictive technology and digital electronic technology

    ∗ Precise five sensors provide the accurate measure for product temperature reliabile and environment Compatibility

  • PC Remote

    PC Remote

    PC remote is specially designed to monitor all the tanks on PC.
    PC remote requirement: Windows XP. Pentium processor 233MHz, 50MB available hard drive capacity, 64MB Ram, modem network connection

  • SM99 Controller

    SM99 Controller

    ∗ SM99 is simple controller without colorful touch screen.

    ∗ It is only connect to PC to

    a. Inquiry inventory,the data of delivery, and sales.

  • SM95 Controller

    SM95 Controller

    ∗ SM95 is simple controller without colorful touch screen.

    ∗ It could be connected to comutor and to the FMS

    ∗ It provides safety voltage and current to probes.

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