SANKI PETROLEUM at 115th China Import and Export Fair

From April 15 to 19, the 115th spring Canton fair was held in Guangzhou, China.Sanki Booth NO. is 4.1 I 09-10, H37-38During the Canton fair SANKI displayed 5 fuel dispensers. Compared with that of last year, instead of the cheapest and smallest fuel dispenser, SANKI added the LNG/CNG and New energy filling machine.In 2013, SANKI developed gas filling dispenser successfully,and is trying to open domestic market. SANKI wants to expand the market of Resource-rich Southeast Asia through the Canton fair. In addition, SANKI developed mobile fuel dispenser successfully in 2013. This kind of fuel dispenser is mostly used in fields that without service stationfor example, mines and construction sites. This year, product portfolio of SANKI has attracted attention of industry customers a lot. Many customers are interested in SANKI just because it can provide complete solutions for them.
SANKI has showed its technical strength in relative industry through all the products including fuel dispensers, fuel management system, tank gauge system, mobile fuel dispenser and so on displayed at the fair.
Many customers visited SANKI booth, including 12 countries from Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia etc.)9 countries from Africa (such as Togo and South Africa), Australia and some European countries also had new demand.