SANKI launched SF double tank last year, as one of the new products , the SF tank was produced by Beijing Energy Storage Equipment Co., Ltd (for short CSE) which is a Subsidiary of Beijing SANKI.CSE is committed to the energy storage and transportation and environmental protection technology development and product manufacturing.

CSE Introduces the industry international advanced technology, using new environmental protection technology and materials, research and manufacture new storage and transportation equipment.

Strategic and technical cooperation with South Korean EI company.

Patent technology of United States STI company (Patent no. :464039、4655367)

The industry standard “Steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic Atmospheric buried horizontal double tank”

The United States UL certification

Features of the SF double tank


The inner pot is made of 8 mm thick steel plate, the intensity is greatly increased

Outer layer is 4 mm thickness of strong glass fiber layer which has strong corrosion resistance and electrical erosion resistance;

There is a 1.2 mm of penetrating clearance between the two layers to guarantee the leak sensor detection of leakage timely, stop the pollution to the outside environment from the source.


The outside FRP layers won’t have electrolytic corrosion phenomena when met with groundwater, saltwater, gasoline, diesel and leaded gasoline; Leak detection systems constantly monitor 24 hours, put an end to the pollution and protect the ecological environment of the soil


More than 30 years safe service life and directly buried way construction, comprehensive cost is more economic than the traditional single pot, construction is more simple and quick.