SANKI Multi Media Smart Dispenser

With increasingly diversified and modern of gas station and oil depot service demand, except meeting the demand of Sinopec, Petro China, CNOOC China and the requirements of diversity model of the social service station, SANKI China are putting more direction on the Multi Media Smart Dispenser .


With the hard work of the Research and development team and the support of the Petro China, we have successfully built the first Smart Oil Station in Szechwan. And from we also have the Smart Oil Station in Beijing. It is a big step in our company development history.I think in the future the Multi Media Smart Dispenser will used in more gas station.



Multi Media Smart Dispenser has smart Payment and Smart operation two feature .And it approve CASH, IC Card, Bank Card Wechat Apple pay, Quickpass, Alipay and so on .It has CCTV Camera and Multi media with 15”touch or 30”touch screen. So if you want to know more about the Multi Media Smart Dispenser , Please contact us .We will be happy to tell you more about the Multi Media Smart Dispenser.