SANKI PETROLEUM at 114th China Import and Export Fair for gas station products

The canton Fair was hold 5days from 15th, to 19th, October, 2013. Sanki Booth NO. Is 4.1 I 09,10;H37,38, locate at the Brand Expo stand, facing the main passageway of 4.1 Pavilion. The booth is showing a refreshing brand image. All products is high-lightened.


SANKI PETROLEUM at 114th China Import and Export Fair


The show products including fuel dispensers, ATG(tank gauging system), and FMS(station management
System). Fuel dispenser model range from SK15,SK52,SK56,SK65,SK10. SK10, SK65 is for European market, SK15 is for Africa market. The tank gauging system shows how it detect the product level on-site. FMS shows how the system manage the inventory, the sales report, and how to manage the station operation vividly.
Many new customers visit SANKI booth, most of them from South Asia, Africa. Especially that many buyers from South Amerian and Australia, they shows interests to SANKI products