Staged Achievements of SANKI Industry Group in Sudan National Petroleum Information Construction Project

Recently, FMSP (Fuel Management System Project) in Khartoum area has been finished (both implementation and acceptance), and it runs steadily and reliably, which obtains honorable recognition of the whole nation. This is the significant, which indicates that SANKI industry group achieves staged achievements in Sudan national petroleum information construction project, meanwhile, it shows SANKI’s prototype achievements in some aspects: SANKI positively responds to national policy “One Belt One Road”; SANKI provides whole suit of devices and technical solution for strategic development of its customers and cooperation partners; SANKI follows its central duty and responsibility of brand.

FMSP is a national project whose bids were invited by Sudan National Petroleum Company, and  all the work was deployed around the main course of this project -- information construction. This project covers Petroleum Ministry and its business departments, 32 distribution companies, 34 depots, 127 tanks (in depot), more than 1500 stations, 7500 set of fuel dispensers and a whole suit of Fuel management system(software). The functional objective of this project relate to the management of Ministry headquarter and its functional department, distribution petroleum headquarter and its function department, fuel station, Petroleum Ministry depot—oil delivery, Distribution Petroleum company depot—oil delivery.

In October of 2014, in the context of integrating group companies’ product advantages, SANKI Industry group won the bidding and became the unique company which cooperates with FMSP all over the world, which attributes to its excellent comprehensive ability and the whole suit of completed solution.

In order to guarantee implementation quality of this project is good enough, SANKI build a special department—“Sudan FMSP department” which can guarantee the data safety of FMSP during the important sales points, and benefit to management of FMSP running.

It has been more than two years from building Sudan FMSP department, implementation has been started in aspects of devices for stations, devices for oil depots, information-based devices and system integration. In considering of project influence, implementation coverage, data significance and factors in other aspects, it means that the project is 70 percent finished at the time of completing the implementation in Khartoum area. The project is keeping continue in three states (east Sudan) and survey for other states has been finished, which can provide real requirement and configuration plan for devices in further implementation.

A celebration was hold in SPC on January, 29th, 2017 to celebrate the successfully acceptance for the first stage’s implementation.

More than 500 persons attend the celebration, including 8 Minsters (Sudan’s first vice president, Oil Minister, Transport Minister, Telecommunications Minister), 32 DC’s president and so on. The general manager of Sudan FMSP did a detailed report for progress of this project. Sudan’s first vice president, Oil Minister and Telecommunications Minister gave highly appraisal to project’s progress and quality of using in their speech, and also gave highly appraisal and recognition to the whole plan, technology, products, implementation, and services of SANKI industry group. And they are appreciated for Chinese team and willing to give support for the further boost of FMSP.


Oil Minister, Sudan’s First Vice President, Transport Minister, Telecommunications Minister


Sudan’s First Vice President cut ribbon for project celebration


From left: Yang Fan (Cyboil Chairman of the board), Decai Wang (FMSP General Manager), Dongjun Shi (Business Manager), Sudan’s First Vice President


President and Ministers accepted report in monitoring hall


Project summary were given in meeting hall


The first stage implementation of FMSP includes: installation, training and commissioning of 300 station's FMS,5 depots'FMS and 31 DC'sFMS.And it also includes installation, training and commissioning of devices which are related to FMS,such as: fuel dispenser, ATG (for sttion), delivery section ,ATG (for oil depot), density meter, server, firewall and so on.

The systematic implementation of FMSP can realize that all the station’s data can be uploaded to SPC and DC headquarter steadily. Through the whole suit of system, the functional department leaders of SPC and DC can monitor and control the wholesale and retail of the refined oil. By importing the detailed wholesale and retail transaction report and the relative analysis reports, the system can help improve the management level and efficiency for all the relative companies and functional departments, which can forbid the business and management problems caused by the traditional management. DC and SPC can learn about the business condition of each station or depot in time,which can help petroleum companies control the allocation of the fuel, reduce the storage in each depot, reduce capital occupation pressure, ease the pressure on oil supply. As a consequence, it can provide guarantee of whole devices and solution for strategic development of Sudan national petroleum industry.

(Author: Decai Wang, General Manager of Sudan FMSP Department)