Tell SANKI your dream; let’s make it true together

On 18 May 2016, the President of East Timor Mr. Taur Matan Ruak met with Beijing SANKI’s staff and it's local customer and distributor Ruvic Fuel’s owner Mr. Rui Manuel De Castro Pereira.  The President bestowed high praise on Beijing SANKI's support on fuel retailing industry in East Timor.


From 2012, Beijing SANKI began to work with Ruvic Fuel. Ruvic Fuel was a new company in fuel retailing industry in East Timor, for the first fuel station Ruvic Fuel built up, SANKI helped with station design drawings, station construction, technicians training, station workers training and so on, and provided advanced station management philosophy with tank gauge system and IC card management system. Ruvic Fuel’s first station also became the first advanced and modern station in East Timor.

Since East Timor is a very young country, there are a lot of villages that have no stations, and it needed high cost and long time to build new stations in these villages, in order to make Ruvic Fuel’s idea to retail fuel in these villages, Beijing SANKI provided mobile truck with mobile dispensers and mobile stations. Mr. Rui Manuel De Castro Pereira, the owner of Ruvic Fuel, as a wise businessman, has profited most from this.

Beijing SANKI always try its best to support its distributors, customers, and partners.  We like to get bigger and stronger with our partners. Tell SANKI your dreams; let’s make it true together.