Heavy Duty Fuel Dispenser

300~ 500 LPM Ultra Heavy Duty Fuel Dispenser

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 Project in Russia and Kazakastan




*Specially applied to refueling for train and large ship

*Flow meter performs well,with ±0.25% accuracy

*Electrically droved valve works steady in dirty liquid

*Double stage filter system keeps the fuel clean and prolongs the life time for flow meter

*Card authorization for work staff

*ARM electronic system, display for density, kilogram,liter.

*For diesel only.

Technical specifications:

Accuracy for the unit±0.25%
Flow rate300~ 500L/min 
Ambient temperature-35+55
Relative humidity20% - 95%
Unit noise rate< 70dB;
Inlet vacuum rate for suction pump54Kpa
CommunicationWith RS 485 port, or current loop
Power supply

AC 220V(   -15%~+10%),(50/60±1)Hz; 

AC 380V( -15%~+10%) (50/60±1)Hz

Digit of sale7digits (decimal points can be adjusted )
Digit of volume6digits (decimal points can be adjusted )
Digit of unit price5digits (decimal points can be adjusted )
Totalizer of sale0~42949672.95 
Totalizer of volume0~42949672.95 

Basic Configurations:

Main board, power board, display board, keypad, control board, flow meter, electrical drove valve, electromagnetic counter , filter, nozzle, hose

Optional Configuration:

Pump, motor, Card reader payment, mass flow meter,heater for ultra low temperature, connected to FMS, standard electronics interface to POS and automation fuel management system

Model Range


Flow rate



Package Size


300~   500L/min