Heavy Duty Fuel Dispenser

800~1000 LPM Ultra Heavy Duty Fuel Dispenser

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Specially applied to refueling for train and large ship

Flow meter performs well,with ±0.25% accuracy

Electrically droved valve works steady in dirty liquid

Double stage filter system keeps the fuel clean and prolongs the life time for flow meter

Card authorization for work staff

ARM electronic system, display for density, kilogram,liter.

For diesel only.

Technical specifications:

Accuracy for the unit±0.25%
Flow rate800~ 1000L/min 
Ambient temperature-35+55
Relative humidity20% - 95%
Unit noise rate< 70dB;
Inlet vacuum rate for suction pump54Kpa
CommunicationWith RS 485 port, or current loop
Power supply

AC 220V(   -15%~+10%),(50/60±1)Hz; 

AC 380V( -15%~+10%) (50/60±1)Hz

Digit of sale7digits (decimal points can be adjusted )
Digit of volume6digits (decimal points can be adjusted )
Digit of unit price5digits (decimal points can be adjusted )
Totalizer of sale0~42949672.95 
Totalizer of volume0~42949672.95 

Basic Configurations:

Main board, power board, display board, keypad, control board, flow meter, electrical drove valve, electromagnetic counter , filter, nozzle, hose

Optional Configuration:

Pump, motor, Card reader payment, mass flow meter,heater for ultra low temperature, connected to FMS, standard electronics interface to POS and automation fuel management system

Model Range


Flow rate



Package Size


800~ 1000L/min