Fuel Management System

Card Solution

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Card Solution
For single gas station
The solution is designed for the single gas station with IC card dispenser, support of the IC card settlement. This solution is comprised of the gas station management system (YS9511/YS9550), IC card management system YS8590, IC card online self-service system (YS8597). It is able to complete the daily oil invoicing management of gas station, IC card customer management, IC cards customer online self-service.
System Structure
Subsystem Introduction

IC card gas station management system(YS9511/YS9550)
If you have IC card dispenser, please choose YS9511,
the customer swipe card by dispenser’s IC card reader;
If you have ordinary dispenser, please choose YS9510,
the customer swipe card by the IC card reader
which is connect to the computer.
Ø         dispensers and tankStatus monitoring
Ø         Daily operation
Ø         Information inquiry
Ø         Report management
Ø         Data transmission
Ø         Keyword management
Ø         IC card making
Ø         Unit customer management
Ø         Card daily operation
Ø         Inquiry and statistics of card
IC card management system YS8590
Ø         User card management
Ø         IC Card making
Ø         Secret key management
Ø         Group customer management
Ø         Card daily operation
Ø         Reports management
Ø         Inquiry & Statistics
Ø         System management
IC card online self-service system(YS8597)
It’s designed for the IC card customers who can print the bills or suspend the IC card over the network.
Ø         Bills of customer
Ø         IC card information inquiry
Ø         Suspend IC card online