SANKI has established an efficient manufacturing system, which includes flexible production planning system, production monitoring system, quality control system, production staff training system, according to market demand for personalized products, small batch, short delivery time.

The flexible production planning system can solve the conflict between production plan, personality requirements, material supply and capital control, etc. The production monitoring system is to solve the problem in the links of production loop , and improve the production efficiency; The quality control system strictly controls the products quality before shipping from the factory ;Production staff training system ensures that the staff's production skills, knowledge is complete.

With many advanced production equipments and multi-function digital control equipments, the quality and efficiency of production is greatly guaranteed.

In order to expand production, SANKI build a new factory. Based on advanced big foreign enterprise factory building experience.The assembly line, production environment, production monitoring, QC etc., will be well designed, to guarantee high efficiency and high quality production.The new site will have a production capacity of 50,000ps per year.



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